Re: [Evolution] Bounce/remail command

On Thu, Apr 20, 2000 at 10:50:26PM -0500, elijah wright wrote:

can take a group of messages, forward them, and explode them such that on
the other end, each message still has a "From" field that matches the
original sender.

I still use it for messages that I send from one account to another, and
you haven't proven to me that there's a better replacement.

why not simply use fetchmail?  and "oh i use hotmail and can't pop/imap"
is a bad excuse; if you're smart enough to set up a special, snazzy
secondary email account to catch your spam and funnies, you're probably
bright enough to use fetchmail and a real mail service instead.

fetchmail is nice but I think everyone uses mail tools like fetchmail in a
hodge podge collection. For once, I'd like a unified interface where
everything can be managed. Isn't this the point behind Evolution? Data
management? It's not about "real mail". It's about getting on with your
life rather than configuring yet another tool to be in your chain of tools
to manage mail.


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