RE: [Evolution] Bounce/remail command

jwz wrote:

Are you planning to implement template messages, for canned replies?
I think that if you do that (and you should, cause it's useful in its
own right), then you can eliminate the desire for a resend command at

Template and scripted replies would be very useful, but about once every
two weeks I get a request for an honest-to-god please resend me that
message you sent a while back, because "my mail reader ate it/My mbox got
corrupted/I accidentally deleted it/I filed it somewhere and can't find it
again/I thought I wouldn't need it and was clearing out my inbox/I
reinstalled Windows and..."

Paraphrased: Idiots^WAccidents happen.

If resend were to just pop up the composer window on the message again,
with the same list for TO:, CC:, BCC:, etc., then that'd be perfect.
Sometimes I need to resend a message I wrote to other people who later ask
for it (in an off-the-list style conversation, 'okay, I'll bite,' sort of

Resend (if you're the original author, at least) really is useful in it's
own right.

Ray Lee / ray madrabbit org ~ rblee impulse net

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