Re: [Evolution] Bounce/remail command

Dan Winship wrote:

There are "Reply" and "Reply To All" buttons that do the obvious

Minor nit: please call it "Reply to Sender" instead of simply "Reply"
to maximize obviousness.  Neither of these commands is more important or
more "reply-like" than the other.

If you reply to an HTML message, it does the appropriate HTML quoting.
(Is there a standard for that?) 

I've seen a few proposals, and they were all rather baroque and silly;
I don't know if anything ever made it to an RFC, but it's worth

Quoting/citing text in an HTML composer is... hard.

If forwarding doesn't include all of the "Received" headers by
default, then there will be an option to do that, for spam/harassment
reporting ease.

I think it should include all the headers.  Since it's properly
MIME-typed, nobody's going to see those unless they do "show all
headers" anyway.  Netscape does this and nobody has ever complained.

Having a "forward as multipart/digest" command would be nice. 

The only differences between multipart/mixed and multipart/digest are:

 m/d may only contain objects of type message/rfc822;
 the default type for untyped objects in m/d is message/rfc822.

So if I multi-select a few messages and hit the forward button in
Netscape, then type some text in the body of the composition window,
what gets generated is:

       text/plain (my new text)
       message/rfc822 (attachment 1)
       message/rfc822 (attachment 2)
       message/rfc822 (attachment 3)

If you wanted to do this with multipart/digest, you'd have to do it like

       text/plain (my new text)
         message/rfc822 (attachment 1)
         message/rfc822 (attachment 2)
         message/rfc822 (attachment 3)

If you do end up using multipart/digest, then there should not be a
separate command for it, that should just be how forwarding works.

I couldn't see any benefit to doing that, which is why I didn't.

However, a very useful pair of commands to implement (on the recipient
side) are: "explode message", that is, extract the message/rfc822
attachments in the current message and turn them into top-level messages
in the current folder; and also, view the current message as a virtual

I think that these commands should operate on both mult/mixed and
mult/digest, and should just ignore attachments that are not messages.

(When coding evolution, be careful always handle message/news the same
way as message/rfc822.  Except in very specialized cases, they're
identical, but both occur in nature.)

It seems like there might be other operations you'd want to do on
multiple messages (delete, refile, etc), so it will probably be
possible to select multiple messages at once in the message list
(shift click or whatever), in which case you could just click
"Forward" after doing that, and voila.

Of course -- the mail reader would be unusable if you couldn't do this. 
You also need to be able to drag/drop a message onto the composer and
have it be attached with the appropriate type.

There will be a "resend/bounce/remail" command. While "Resend" is the
RFC-appropriate name for this operation, it may be worthwhile to come
up with a name which more clearly states its intended purpose.
Does anything think any of this is horribly horribly wrong, or that
there are other "get mail from your inbox to someone else's inbox"
sorts of operations that are not covered by this?

Are you planning to implement template messages, for canned replies?
I think that if you do that (and you should, cause it's useful in its
own right), then you can eliminate the desire for a resend command at

Jamie Zawinski
jwz jwz org   
jwz dnalounge com

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