Re: [Evolution] smtp/imap/pop

Hey, you do still exist. :)

  Some of the camel-provider code will move into camel-session.

Do you have some details about this ?

There's some duplication between them for finding a store for a
protocol that doesn't serve much purpose.

(Well, do you really think it's important for an app to be able to say
"this is my preferred pop provider. don't use any others"?)

  CamelFolderSummary will probably be absorbed into CamelFolder.

Is there a particular reason for that ?

Look at the mbox implementation. The folder and summary code is all
intertwined. And any operation on the messages in the folder must
affect the summary as well. The summary just doesn't feel like a
separate concept from the folder, particularly now that we've changed
it so that you don't fetch the whole summary at once.

-- Dan

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