Re: [Evolution] smtp/imap/pop

Dan Winship wrote:

Some particular things that will be changing in Camel "soon":

  Some of the camel-provider code will move into camel-session.

Do you have some details about this ?

  CamelSession will cache stores and transports, and each CamelStore
  will cache its CamelFolders. (This is so that if you request the
  same folder twice you get the same object both times, rather than
  getting two separate objects trying to write to the same files like
  you do now.)

JavaMail caches messages but not folders. We may
want to figure out why. 

  CamelFolderSummary will probably be absorbed into CamelFolder.

Is there a particular reason for that ?

  There are a number of bugs and design problems in the handling of
  headers in CamelMedium and its subclasses that need to be fixed.

I have some code that I need to finish about 
this particular issue. I need some time (2/3 days)
before I can finalize and commit the code. 

  We really need to figure out the threading/async issues.

-- Dan


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