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On Tue, Mar 28, 2000 at 01:20:56PM +0200, Erik Karlberg wanted to say the following:

I think that the different ways of sending SMS should be implemented as
different transports. 

For example, to send SMS via a modem dial-up connection, we should have
one transport, for a http-sms-gateway we should have another transport,
for SMS via custom GSM-hardware we should have another transport, for
sending using a cable to your GSM-phone we should have another one, and
so on.

There might also be of interest with a sms-provider, which can poll for
sms-messages from for example a phone, or maybe use some sort of other
modem dial-up connection to poll for messages.

Another thing that might be worth thinking about regarding this, is that
SMS messages can only be 160 characters long... So when you compose a
SMS-message, there should be some limit to how long the message can be.


For the http-get-sending stuff it might make sense to have a "custom"
plugin/whatever that contains a string you can compose yourself to add a
provider.. like in the ISP I worked at you could send SMS messages if you
had an user account - you had to use HTTP authentication and then you could
access a web form to send the message - that was done with GET so you could
basically use wget to send those.  

        GET string: [http://user:passwd sms website com/cgi-bin/send.pl\
                        ?message=$message&$number=$phonenumber ]

Something like that - we could even hide the actual string  from the user by
supporting some XML based "plugin" format for different providers.. That way
one could even write "plugins" for those "free SMS" sites that die and born
every week..

Sonera (the largest GSM provider in Finland, former Telecom Finland) does
the <phonenumber>@gsm.inet.fi -thing but the recipient needs to pay for the
messages he receives (in advance even, you must "load credits to the account) 
which sucks bigtime :P

The other major provider in finland, Radiolinja doesnt offer any service
like that (which is kinda weird since the GSM thing in Finland is very
popular and widespread in other ways.. strange. Maybe it's because pagers
were never really that popular here - people do use SMS a lot but sending is
not a problem since literally everyone has a cellphone anyway for sending)


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