Re: [Evolution-hackers] Support for Autocrypt?

I expect that having a basic support for a *subset* of the autocrypt
spec wouldn't be too hard, given that gpg support is already

The basic pieces would be:
- Key creation (initially, this could be done with a separate script)
- Adding your own autocrypt header on email send.
- Detecting when a message was received with an autocrypt header, so
that the included keys can be learned (it could be deferred until when
the message is read, but if it's available earlier -eg. because the
message was downloaded for checking filters-, the better).
- Decryption would probably already work if the pgp key is stored at the
right place.
- Adding a UI option of "encrypt with autocrypt" (?)
- Figure out how and where to implement in the composer the option to
encrypt or not, it needs querying the autocrypt backend in order to show
a state of enabled/available but discouraged/unavailable. Which itself
depends on the current recipients.

I am skipping for now the part for transmitting the keys between MUAs
using a special message.

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