Re: [Evolution-hackers] How to subscribe to other user's calendars (Evolution 2.32.2, Ubuntu 11.04)

On Wed, 2012-01-11 at 00:07 -0800, coverup wrote:
> In all previous versions of Evolution that I had (up to the version 2.28
> included in Ubuntu 10.04), under File, there was an option to subscribe to
> other user's calendars. This allowed me to subscribe to shared calendars on
> the MS Exchange server. But I don't see this option in Evolution 2.32.2
> included in Ubuntu 11.04. How can I subscribe to shared Exchange calendars?

are you still using evolution-exchange to access your Exchange server?
If so, then the menu option should be there. If it isn't, then ask
Ubuntu maintainers to find a fix, because 2.32.2 is too old, unsupported
by upstream, and I see there "Subscribe to Other User's folder..." in
the File menu when in the Calendar view with 3.2.3.

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