[Evolution-hackers] Questions about EDS architecture in http://live.gnome.org/Evolution/EDS_Architecture

Hi, all


I have some questions about EDS, everyone who know it, can you help to answer it? thanks


1.       evolution-alarm-notify

Is this DBus service to manage calendar(events/task) alarm management? Including recur, alarm time reschedule, alarm snooze following?

Is it only relate calendar alarm? or have relation with OS’ notification component

I want to know its detail logic…


2.       For below addressbook frame diagram

1)       Did this diagram have some updates?

The diagrams of addressbook/calendar(in below) are outdated? they still refer to EBook, ECal, EBookView, ECalView which are deprecated (EBookClient, EBookClientView, ECalCient, ECalClientView are used instead). Also, don't know what the listeners correspond to now.

2)       For EBookBackendFile, we use it to save contacts files in addressbook.db, this is our common used way, and the way create contacts from Evolution UI, right?

3)       “For EBookBackendVCF, This backend gets launched when the protocol prefix of the URI is vcf://. As of now there is no way to create an address book folder of this type in the Evolution UI.”

When to used this backend? Used to load vcf files from some clients or import contacts from file? What is the mainly usage of this backend?

4)       For EBookBackendLDAP, when to use this backend? What is the mainly usage of this backend?

5)       For EBookBackendGroupwise, when to use this backend? What is the mainly usage of this backend?




3.       For below calendar frame diagram

1)       Any updates of this diagram? Where is ical?

2)       “Calendar backends deal with the communication between evolution-data-server and specific calendar servers/types. Thus, a backend must be written for any different calendar source (file backend for local files, webcal backend for HTTP, Groupwise, Exchange, etc).”

What is the detail difference of backends to handle source file: local files, webcal backend for HTTP, Groupwise?


E-D-S calendar architecture





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