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Hi there,

On Tuesday 20 July 2010 chen wrote:
> On Tue, 2010-07-20 at 12:20 +0200, Christian Hilberg wrote:
> [...] 
> >   Is it possible to define certain IMAP folders as "hidden" from within
> >   our plugin's EPlugin part? Or is it possible to hide certain IMAP 
> >   folders (and their subfolders) in any other sensible way?
> This cannot be done in a fool-proof way for IMAP as it does not provide
> information on the type of the folder. This can be done with an
> assumption that calendar folder will be named as 'calendar' or contact
> folders as 'contacts'.

Not entirely correct, though. "RFC 5464 - The IMAP METADATA Extension / imap-
annotatemore" specifies an extension to the IMAP protocol which does exactly 
that. The Kolab IMAP daemon uses this extension to differentiate between the 
folder types and Kontact does implement it - works quite well. Now, with our 
plugin, we strive to be en par with Kontact's features (or at least implement 
as much as possible) - let's see! :-)

> The other thought I get is, the contacts+calendar folder names can be
> collected as an option in account-setup and set as part of camel url
> (prolly through a kolab plugin, hiding it from the user. you can check
> how groupwise account set-up is implemented for an example) say
> hide_folders="list of folders with a separator". If the parameter is
> set, the folders can be hidden while fetching folder_info through
> camel_store_get_folder_info (in imapx backend), which gives the folder
> tree.

Good idea. We'll have to check how to handle dynamic changes in the IMAP 
folder structure, still. Folders with annotations may come and go, nested or 
not - this is not static, and neither is the overall layout (other than a few 
static constraints), so we'll need to see how we can cope with that...

> We could add another flag in CamelStore to over-ride the above option to
> fetch all folders while fetching the folders from
> contacts(EBookBackend)/calendar(ECalBackend) backends.
> I can help you with making these changes in imapx backend/CamelStore and
> inform you the changes which you would need to make in your
> account-setup plugin. Sounds ok?

We'll thankfully use whatever help we can get here. We also see clearly which 
problems arise in these areas because of our decision to settle on 2.30 ... 
this is the version we would need to change (branch is fine). It will be very 
much helpful to know which parts will be affected and how we should design our 
changes in order not to break anything.

Thanks again for your help and for your awesome patience with us (this goes to 
the entire list).

Best regards,


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