Re: [Evolution-hackers] Mail-Notifier

Hi Karl,

I didn't know of
em_panel_applet, I don't know if is preferred a C plug-in than a Python one, as Evo is a C project...

I see in the bug there is work being done in this area (mainly yours!), I did a little patch locally in order to send the message id as a second parameter to the "MessageReading" event through DBus that was the first step, but I was lost trying to do the same in the "NewMail" event, I see now in your comments on 311512
that was not an easy one ;-). I'm a casual C programmer, so it's surely beyond my skills..

I also prefer #2, but #3 makes sense and is the way MS Outlook 2003 works, so people coming from Win, could be more comfortable with that option if were possible, it would be easy, as you say, to choose between the 3 options with a little .conf file..


Karl Relton wrote:

My first post in the list ;-)

I've done a very little app in python and GTK than could be useful as
Evolution add-on or plug-in, it's a mail-notifier using Evo's DBus

You can download the source code here

I hope you'll find it interesting...



Welcome to the list.

You may not know, but there is already some basic c code known as
em_panel_applet out on the internet that does the same thing - although
it doesn't use the notification library to produce a popup. This code
was written as a sample tray applet for new mail notification - but
being only a sample never seemed to make it mainstream or get
integrated/packaged by anybody.

Note that evolution has reported bugs regarding sending the NewMail
messages over dbus: see

This has some relationship to your problem of showing the icon.
Personally though, I prefer your option #2 anyway - i.e. only show the
icon when 'unseen' newmail has arrived, and hide it as soon as the user
reads at least one message. That is my personal preference though -
others may prefer different solutions - ultimately it may be something
users want configurable.



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