[Evolution-hackers] Dead GtkHtml code?

Looking for some historical insight here.

There's a directory in GtkHtml's Subversion repository called "capplet".
This directory is not included in GtkHtml release tarballs, and the
latest capplet/ChangeLog entry is dated 2004-07-22.

Is this code officially dead?

The only mention of it's demise that I've found is a brief ChangeLog
entry in the top-level directory:

        2003-01-13  Rodney Dawes  <dobey ximian com>
                * configure.in: Remove the capplet stuff
I ask because I'm trying to clean up parts of GtkHtml's code (fixing
compiler warnings, moving off deprecated GTK+ widgets, etc.) and I'd
like to know whether the capplet stuff is worth bothering with.

Matthew Barnes

p.s. If it _is_ dead, should it not be removed from source control?

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