[Evolution-hackers] Requests


I have a few requests for making evolution even better than it is:

1. Don't load attachments by default. Load them if I click on them, this
saves bandwith.

2. It's good to be able to modify the view of the mailfolder, but it
would be even better if I could change the view at once for many
folders, without clicking on each and select the saved view. Or make the
default changeable.

3. When I compose a message I want to change to/cc/bcc for an adress or
make the dialog (which appears after clicking on "to:") drag and drop
capable. Or best both.

4. If I moved mails to another folder (with IMAP) I have to download the
message-envelopes again for that new folder, but that is unnecassary or

Thanks and kind regards,

PS: I'm not in the mailing-list.

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