Re: [Evolution-hackers] Mail-Notifier

> Hi, 
> My first post in the list ;-)
> I've done a very little app in python and GTK than could be useful as
> an
> Evolution add-on or plug-in, it's a mail-notifier using Evo's DBus
> messages. 
> You can download the source code here
> I hope you'll find it interesting...
> Quim


Welcome to the list.

You may not know, but there is already some basic c code known as
em_panel_applet out on the internet that does the same thing - although
it doesn't use the notification library to produce a popup. This code
was written as a sample tray applet for new mail notification - but
being only a sample never seemed to make it mainstream or get
integrated/packaged by anybody.

Note that evolution has reported bugs regarding sending the NewMail
messages over dbus: see

This has some relationship to your problem of showing the icon.
Personally though, I prefer your option #2 anyway - i.e. only show the
icon when 'unseen' newmail has arrived, and hide it as soon as the user
reads at least one message. That is my personal preference though -
others may prefer different solutions - ultimately it may be something
users want configurable.


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