Re: [Evolution-hackers] Help With Printf (or anything) in mail-callbacks.c

Not Zed (;-),

On Tue, 2004-03-23 at 12:17, Not Zed wrote:
> you hsould be able to find which its using from
> inside gdb ('info libraries' perhaps?) once you load it in.

	That was it.  Apparently, some internal Bonobo component was grabbing
the older instead of my newer one.  The difference
between "/usr/lib" and "/usr/local/lib" is quite evident, except when
looking at the entire pathname (from strace or gdb).  I finally saw that
this AM, and it's now working to my satisfaction.

	Thanks for the reply!

P.S. Just as a pointer, ccache is a life-saver when working with Evo on
an older machine (450 MHz PIII in my case ;-).  See for
more info.

Daniel S. Cox
Electronic Commerce Systems

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