[Evolution-hackers] Help With Printf (or anything) in mail-callbacks.c

Hi, all,

	I've just gotten evo 1.4.5 to compile and run on my system (yes, I'm
aware of 1.4.6, I'm ignoring it for right now).

	I'm attempting to add another check just under the empty subject check
in composer_get_message().  I have a very bad habit of composing an
email, MENTIONING the fact that I've attached something, and then
failing to actually attach anything.  

	I see what I need to do, and have the code in place, which compiles. 
Of course, it doesn't work :-(.

	The problem is that I can't use any of the following to actually SEE
what's happening: printf, fprintf(stderr, g_warning, g_print, or write. 
In my lowest-level bag of tricks, I thought the following code would
always work:

		int fd = open ("/tmp/log", O_WRONLY|O_CREAT|O_APPEND, 0666);
		if (fd > 0) {
			write (fd, "entering foo\n", 13);
			close (fd);

But, the file is never created!  I cut-n-paste that code to a simple
program, add the necessary include files, and it works!  What is special
about composer_send_cb() and friends that prevents open() and all these
others from working? 

	Okay, I know it's probably something simple or silly on my part, but
I've struggled most of today on this.


	Please cc: to me directly, as I'm not subscribed, yet.

	Thanks greatly!

Daniel S. Cox
Electronic Commerce Systems

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