Re: [Evolution-hackers] Evolution Webcal 1.0.2

Rodney Dawes wrote:
Right. It requires the passing of the http/https/webcal uri on the
command line, and then it will do the subscribe dialog stuff for that,
assuming it is a valid calendar. It could be generalized, but I do not
intend to do that yet, because some of the stuff that needs to work in
certain ways, does not. For instance, opening a text/calendar mime type
in mozilla or such, typically results in the file being downloaded to a
temporary location, and then the local file uri being passed to the app.

Ah, right.

Two use cases:
- clicking on a file in nautilus
It seems like the user would probably rather import this, than subscribe
to local files. If the file is not local though, it might make sense to
subscribe to it. The importing requires additional support inside the
evolution core, which isn't there yet.

OK. I think you are right. Most people will probably want to import in this case. I think there is some value in being able to subscribe to any gnome-vfs text/calendar file though. Could be useful for sharing a calendar on an NFS/SMB volume or for pulling calendar files though filewalls and storing them locally with a cronjob.


This will allow us to get our bugzilla TODO lists automatically updated in our gnome-panel calendar :)

Yes. This would be excellent. I would love to do it, if someone can help
me to figure out how to override mime type handlers in a mozilla
extension. I already have an extension that overrides the URL handlers
inside mozilla, by calling "gnome-open", and is actually how I use this.
:) If I can get mime type handlers overridden to do similarly though, I
could do a lot more than just the text/calendar thing.

I'm glad you reminded me of this. This would work fine if bugzilla just used the webcal protocol <>.


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