[Evolution-hackers] Evolution Webcal 1.0.2

Evolution Webcal 1.0.2 is now ready for public consumption and the
enjoyment of clicking webcal: urls in your web browsr and having them
pop up a subscription dialog. The calendars will automatically appear in
Evolution 1.5.x if it is running, or will show up the next time you
start Evolution. It registers as the Gnome URL Handler for "webcal:" so
that any gnome application can open it when you click on these types of
URLs. Other non-gnome applications can easily set their URL handler to
be "gnome-open" as well, and those applications can use the Gnome URL
Handlers as well.

Obligatory screenshot: http://www.gnome.org/~dobey/evolution-webcal.png

The URLs for Evolution Webcal and the required versions of libsoup and
the Evolution Data Server are:




-- dobey

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