Re: [Evolution-hackers] evolution's editors

> Also, my mom has a 17" monitor, but she uses 800x600 because is the
> resolution that she can read comfortable.

I've never understood that. It makes sense in Windows, where the
interface falls into a horrible heap if you increase the font size, but
under X displays apps are almost always very tolerant of weird font
sizes. Surely it's better to run at 1280x960 and get large, but smooth
and readable fonts than to use 800x600 and get big but chunky and
horrible fonts?

The X server should _automatically_ scale the fonts to result in the
appropriate on-screen point sizes by using the dpi discovered using DDC
or configured by the user. I've found this very effective with my users
(those on decent displays). One of them is nearly blind, and needs fonts
that measure 1" high to make them reasonably readable - yet we've found
during testing that she prefers 1600x1200 with large window borders and
large fonts over 800x600.

I suspect its just easier.  Hit ctrl-shift-+/set it in one place?

Compare with having to change the fonts in just about every application separately, and then there's stuff like web pages that will override your preference even when you tell it not to, and also some hardcoded/hard to change things (.Xresources anyone?), etc.

Michael Zucchi <notzed ximian com>

Ximian Evolution Software Developer

Novell, Inc.

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