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hi anna, hi folks,

Am Mi, den 31.03.2004 schrieb Anna M Dirks um 18:24:
> Appointment Editor and Meeting Editor
> For now, please do not worry about the reminders page. I'll send a
> separate mail out later today which details the working of that page.

okay, but i have to ask a question regarding the reminders tab:

in evo1.4.6, when clicking on the "options"-button in the reminders tab,
i was able to edit "Alarm Repeat" and "Message to Display:". "Message to
Display:" has become "What:" in the screenshot of the new gui, but i
cannot find something similar to 1.4.6's "Alarm Repeat".
will this feature be available in 2.0 and is it just missing in the gui,
or will this feature be dropped (so anyone should use seperate reminders
to be added one by one by the user instead), or am i just too dumb to
find the new place/name for it in the screenshots?
if it's still available i hope that it will solve bugs 25816 and 48109 -
both about the "options"-button not working properly (or perhaps one
could even say "making it nearly unusable..."?).

thanks in advance,

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