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El lun, 12-04-2004 a las 10:58, William Jon McCann escribió:
> Rodney Dawes wrote:
> > On Enj , 2004-04-01 at 17:39 +0200, guenther wrote:
> >>However, the Contact Editor is *big*, like you mentioned yourself. *Too*
> >>big IMHO. The dialog is more than 600 pixels high.
> >>
> >>On a 800x600 display this will not only cover most of the screen -- this
> >>will effectively disable the user to access the buttons at the bottom.
> >>The [OK] button will be cut off the screen, if there is a Menu Panel at
> >>the top of the screen.
> >>
> >>Any possibility of adding one or two tabs and therefore making the
> >>dialog lighter? Do we care about that resolution?
> > 
> > I don't think we do. The default resolution for new machines has been
> > 1024x768 for
> > quite some time now. I think it might even be larger than that these
> > days, but most
> > of the cheaper laptops are 1024x768. The iBook is no longer 800x600
> > even.
> Default resolution is a bit different than minimum resolution.  Dialogs 
> should be able to be used at 800x600.  That is a totally reasonable 
> resolution on some systems (projectors, tablets, legacy etc.) and for 
> some people (sight-limited, etc).  It may not look great at 800x600 but 
> the user should be able to operate the dialog.  There is very little 
> that is worse than a dialog that pops up that you can't use.

Our labs are old computers, with 800x600 resolution as maximum possible.
It should quite similar to Telecentros (Brazil) (a big user base of 
GNOME) where they use Pentium class machines with limited resources
using LTP.

In this kind of countries, the common monitor is 14" normally used
in 800x600.

Also, my mom has a 17" monitor, but she uses 800x600 because is the
resolution that she can read comfortable.

Germán Poó Caamaño
mailto:gpoo ubiobio cl

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