[Evolution-hackers] outlook export for calendar?

So, while trying to get my calendar to sync with my broken phone
company, I discovered they only import data in "outlook" format, which
is a tab-delimited text file. I want to get my calendar into this
format, and started down the "just write a script" road until I realized
the fun of trying to parse the ical stuff would, well, not be fun. So, I
was wondering:

* Is there any "export" interface already planned for evo 2.0? Am I
already done?

* If no, can someone point me in the ballpark of where to start? Is just
"duplicating" the import process (wizard where you can choose file,
type, and in this case, date range) good enough? MS's format is actually
pretty easy to digest, so I feel comfortable with the generating part...
Why they don't standardize on ical is beyond me, but hey, that's ms for

Thanks for the help...


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