Re: [Evolution-hackers] outlook export for calendar?

On Tue, 2003-11-25 at 01:37, David Fallon wrote:
> * Is there any "export" interface already planned for evo 2.0? Am I
> already done?

No.  :-)

> * If no, can someone point me in the ballpark of where to start? Is just
> "duplicating" the import process (wizard where you can choose file,
> type, and in this case, date range) good enough? MS's format is actually
> pretty easy to digest, so I feel comfortable with the generating part...
> Why they don't standardize on ical is beyond me, but hey, that's ms for
> ya.

You could play with the e-d-s interfaces, get your calendar data and
export it in any format you want.  It doesn't even need to be done
within Evolution.

-- Ettore

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