Re: [Evolution-hackers] Storing Evolution config in an IMAP folder?

On Wed, 2003-06-18 at 17:31, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
> On Wed, 2003-06-18 at 19:23, Dax Kelson wrote:
> > Is it such a great leap for an email client, that already is
> > communicating(1) with the IMAP server, to store user preferences and
> > settings(2) there?
> yes, because settings do not belong on an imap server.

Specifics please.

This is completely transparent to the IMAP server. IMAP servers care not
about what content stored is stored on them.

> > 
> > Since we are already using IMAP, email clients can do this today without
> > waiting for vaporous protocol-of-the-hour to be implemented at the
> > client and server level and be supported.
> > 
> > PINE has been doing this for 3 years.
> good for pine.

No need to be defensive. Evolution is great software, it finally tore me
away from PINE after a decade of using it.

Your response implies that features of other MUAs are irrelevant to

There is much evidence that this is not the case.

> > (2) IMAP can be used/abused as generic file server / information store
> > that has strong user authentication and can run over SSL.
> this is what causes problems. people ussing things as solutions for
> things they were never meant to be used for.

Specifics please. What problems would this cause?

Is it not the UNIX way to combine pieces of software in interesting ways
mother nature never intended to create solutions?

This seems like a reasonable request -- with precedent. It's not as if
I'm advocating a rewrite a Evolution in Lisp.

Dax Kelson
Guru Labs

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