Re: [Evolution-hackers] initial NNTP patch

On Wed, 2003-12-10 at 06:01, Meilof wrote:
Brett Johnson wrote:

>Yeah, but only once.  Further updates only require in incremental sort.
Actually, it currently sorts the list on-the-fly in get_folder_info, 
which is indeed a little unneccesary perhaps.. I might experiment with 
sorting the _whole_ newsgroup list when it is received. Might be 
terribly slow though....
Do it, it will be faster.  I guarantee it.

Do the sort for each level or each call (to get folder info), it doesn't matter, but doing it using qsort() when you're complete will be orders of magnitute faster than insertion sort as you're going, on a big list (if thats what you're doing).


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