Re: [Evolution-hackers] initial NNTP patch

Brett Johnson wrote:

Yeah, but only once.  Further updates only require in incremental sort.

Actually, it currently sorts the list on-the-fly in get_folder_info, which is indeed a little unneccesary perhaps.. I might experiment with sorting the _whole_ newsgroup list when it is received. Might be terribly slow though....

Aack -- Am I the only one that finds this mozilla-esque behavior
horribly annoying?  Esp. since mozilla won't let me turn the blasted
thing off.
Just to get offtopic, you _can _disable it, though the setting is hidden in the prefs.js file: wrote:

// Add this pref if you don't like abbreviated newsgroup names.
user_pref("mail.server.default.abbreviate", false);

If you think it's a nice thing, *please* make it optional.

It is.

-- meilof wanadoo nl

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