[Evolution-hackers] initial NNTP patch


Just to get some review before I hear the _whole_ patch is messed up, I proudly annouce this initial NNTP patch for Evolution:


It does subscribing/unsubscribing and caching of the newsgroup list, and it sorts the newsgroup list too. Please let me know whether I'm on the right track.

Also, couple of issues:

   * Loading a complete newsgroup list still takes a considerable
     amount of time, largely due to the sorting I have implemented. If
     you want to subscribe to the z.z.z newsgroup, this means you have
     to wait quite some time. I propose that if you click on the "z"
     folder of the "z.z.z" newsgroup, it will get updated directly
     rather than after all previous folders, so that if you know what
     you want to find, you can subscribe/unsubscribe easily.
   * I think it would be kind of nice to have short folder names, like
     "a.b.mp3" for alt.binaries.mp3. I did implement this functionality
     in the NNTP store (a configuration setting of the newsgroup), but
     this is obviously something that should be handled by the mailer
     rather than the NNTP backend.
   * The bounty description mentions the store summary having a "flat"
     and "tree" mode. I just did a s/IMAP/NNTP of the
     imap-store-summary, which seems to work currently, but this is
     probably not what you indended. Can you tell me in concrete where
     these flat and tree modes would be used withing Evo, and what kind
     of functions need to be written to support that?
   * For offline operation, would it be a good idea to subclass the

I think that was pretty much it. The patch seems to work for me, and I'll go over to subscribing to groups first now I think. I have posted some screenshots (never mind the desktop environment I was running... :S) on


-- meilof myrealbox com

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