[Evolution-hackers] Team Meeting Minutes

1. JP
JP introduced new meeting attendees Guenther, Jeremy, Gary.

JP talked about having released 1.5.0 and the upcoming work for 1.5.1. 
JP discussed concentrating on repeatable crashers and restoring any
remaining bits of functionality that haven't yet been from the new UI

JP discussed doing a 1.4.6 release as soon as we can confirm the Largo
bugs are fixed.

JP discussed keeping an eye out for bugs that are irrelevant or already
fixed now that we have moved all pre 1.4 bugs into 1.5.x milestones for

JP discussed making sure we get people to submit the bounty forms once
we accept their patches.

2. Team

Rodney: Going to be packaging Spam Assassin 2.6 for use with the Junk
filtering in evolution, packaging 1.4.6 and minor bug fixes.

Mark: Finishing up broad snap testing, will continue once per week. 
Testing of parallel install and migration.

Tim: Did a complete cycle of testing on a reference platform, doing this
once per week.  Testing of S/MIME.

Gerardo: Organizing bug days, top 20 bug reports (by duplicate) and
usual triaging.

Jeff: Bug fixing for 1.5.1

Michael: Hooking up the cert viewer for S/MIME and 1.5.1 bug fixes

Hans: General contact editor cleanup and 1.5.1 bug fixes

Rodrigo: Still looking for 1.4.6 alarm daemon fixes, sorting out
configuration settings and GroupWise backend work.

Chris: Reviewing 1.5 LDAP bugs and finishing up S/MIME user cert viewer

Ettore: 1.5.1 bug fixing

Larry: Gtkhtml bugs

Radek: Gtkhtml bugs, other assignments TBD

JP: More investigation into removing gal entirely, new icalendar parser

3. Additional Business

If you force upgrade what version will get passed to the migration
==> Ettore needs to answer this

JP Rosevear <jpr ximian com>
Ximian, Inc.

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