[Evolution-hackers] Publish Free/Busy

Hi all,

I am working on the Free/Busy publishing bounty. I have added some
controls to the cal-prefs-dialog and added a url-editor-dialog to allow
configuration for this feature. There is still plenty of room here for
the other Free/Busy bounty configuration controls.



I also wanted to get some clarification on this part of the bounty,
"There should be a configuration option for the user to detail when they
want their calendar published, ie "Every Day", and Evolution should
endeavor to do this."

I added radio buttons to select publishing, daily, weekly or
automatically. Is that sufficient? If so, that brings me to my next
question. It would be easy to use a signal handler for changes in
ECalViewListener to publish each time the calendar changes. Any ideas on
how to accomplish this on a daily or weekly basis?

My last question is on the publishing itself. I plan on using  GnomeVFS
to publish. It seems to me that there are several features that will use
this, Rodrigo's new webcal subscription, publishing calendars,
free/busy, etc. Should there be something in the backend that we all
re-use to read/write this data, such as e-cal-backend-http?



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