Re: [Evolution-hackers] Newsgroup lists

Not Zed wrote:

Would NEWGROUPS be enough for this? it would be hidden inside get_folder_info.

A force reload could be a possibility if its absolutely required.

Its absolutely necessary to save the list anyway, for the folder list startup, and for offline mode.

I think NEWGROUPS should be enough, provided the news server supports it. Problem is, not all news servers have NEWGROUPS, so I cannot assume all news server support it (for example, the test news server I set up on my local box, a standard InterNetNews setup, doesn't, but my ISP's server does). And for NEWGROUPS, one would probably also need support for the DATE command (to know the date of the server so you know what date argument to give to NEWGROUPS), which is an extension to NNTP. I have no idea how common support for NEWGROUPS/DATE is though, perhaps this is not a problem.

A patch to the subscription editor would I think be fairly easy, it would just need to pass a flag along if it gets the list due to a "Refresh" operation. I guess this would be the nicest way, from a NNTP point of view, to do it.

-- meilof myrealbox com

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