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I'm working on NNTP support in Evolution, particularly the subscription interface currently, but I've encountered some problems.

First, I've written the code that contact the news server for a list of newsgroups by implementing nntp_store_get_folder_info using the code from camel-nntp-grouplist.c. For my test news server, which has something like 5 newsgroups, this works pretty well, and the groups show up nicely in the subscription dialog, but for the news server of my ISP, which has _much_ more groups, I find the subscription dialog to be way too slow. After the nntp_store_get_folder_info code has returned, and the complete newsgroup list is in, on my PC, a 2GHZ box, it still takes the dialog about five *minutes* to finally display the information, time during which Evolution totally locks up (apart from also consuming a huge amount of memory).

Maybe the best approach would be not to show all groups at once, but to have a search dialog box or a tree structure or something, or the subscription dialog should be optimized to be able to handle large amounts of folders. Are there any easy solutions for this?

Another thing: quickly looking at em-subscribe-editor.c, I found there is no difference between the initial loading of the folder list and subsequent loadings with the "Reload" button from the subscription dialog. For news servers that don't support the NEWGROUPS and DATE command, this would mean every time the dialog pops up, the complete newsgroup list needs to be loaded, which might get a little irritating after a while, especially if it remains this slow. Do you think this is acceptable, or should I look whether I can do anything about it?

-- meilof myrealbox com

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