Re: [Evolution-hackers] Newsgroup lists

Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:

if the subscribe dialog already freeze()'s and thaw()'s the gtktreeview
when adding nodes to the tree, then this performance problem sounds like
a GtkTreeView bug. Otherwise we need to add freeze/thaw. I'll check up
on this in a few minutes.

It's fixed now that I use the tree structure rather than one main list.

you might look into caching the result of the folder list query.

Yeah well, but then again, if I press the "Reload" button, I'd expect Evolution to get an updated list of news servers. So the problem is that if the dialog is opened, one would want a cached list, but if one presses the "Reload" button, a new query to the news server should be done. Perhaps a "FORCE_RELOAD" flag for get_folder_info would help, or would that break things too much?

-- meilof myrealbox com

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