Re: How do I disable automatic reloading?

2009-03-24 klockan 20:41 skrev Behdad Esfahbod:
> On 03/24/2009 12:00 PM, Robert Rothenberg wrote:
>> I realize that some people think automatic reloading of a PDF is a good
>> thing, but I don't.
> gedit pops up a message (in one of those yellowish message bars) and asks 
> whether it should reload.  I think a similar feature should be added to  
> evince.  It can then save the preference on a per document basis.  
> Something like that.

I was suggesting something like that. The "yellowish error bar" is already
used in Evince. I'm just not sure keeping this in the document metadata
stored by Evince is really needed. And I think only suggesting this when a
document fails to load after a reload suffices.

    — Wouter

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