Re: One window again

2009-03-16 klockan 18:58 skrev Juhana Sadeharju:
> Wouter Bolsterlee wrote:
> > The "one window per document" paradigm is
> > a design decision, and not likely to change. Handling many windows
> > gracefully is a window manager issue, not an Evince issue.
> We discussed that earlier. I wanted to stress that both
> paradigms can live together. If user never uses "--target"
> then it is "one window per document". (Also, I need both
> paradigms!)

You misread what I said. I said it is a *design decision*, meaning that only
supporting this mode of operation is *deliberate*. There are many reasons
against what you propose from a usability perspective.

> Changes to window manager are likely not to happen.
> Software who offers multiple docs per window always does
> it themselves.

Evince is designed as a *simple to use* document viewer, and having a modal
interface with multiple interface design paradigms does not fit into the
commonly accepted definition of "simple".

> Next you suggest that then I should code it myself. Good.

No, I don't suggest you to to code it yourself, since that work is likely to
never get accepted upstream.

    — Wouter

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