Re: Side Pane resize problem

El mar, 06-05-2008 a las 10:16 +0530, Sudhir B escribió:
> I use the side pane commonly for viewing the Index and navigating
> using the same while viewing pdf's. Once I resized the side pane
> (increased the width of the side pane) to a pretty much cover half of
> my screen. Now I am unable to resize it back and make it smaller.
> Whenever I open any pdf, the side pane remains of the same large size
> irrespective of whether I am using the left side pane for viewing
> index or thumbnails. In fact now I see three to four thumbnails of
> pages on a single line. Now I am stuck with a large side pane. I am
> able to resize it when no document is open but the previous size
> returns to life once I open any document. I use evince 0.80 on
> PCLinuxOS 2007 kernel v.

It's a known problem in GTK+. It's already fixed in newer evince
versions, though.

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