Re: Side Pane resize problem

I deleted the file $HOME/.gnome2/evince/ev-metadata.xml and the size of the side pane was restored to default size. But this size decreasing should also be able to be done from the GUI.

On Tue, May 6, 2008 at 10:16 AM, Sudhir B <b sudhir1987 gmail com> wrote:
I use the side pane commonly for viewing the Index and navigating using the same while viewing pdf's. Once I resized the side pane (increased the width of the side pane) to a pretty much cover half of my screen. Now I am unable to resize it back and make it smaller. Whenever I open any pdf, the side pane remains of the same large size irrespective of whether I am using the left side pane for viewing index or thumbnails. In fact now I see three to four thumbnails of pages on a single line. Now I am stuck with a large side pane. I am able to resize it when no document is open but the previous size returns to life once I open any document. I use evince 0.80 on PCLinuxOS 2007 kernel v.

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