RE: More info on Epiphany "Data Sheet" needed

Thank you for your useful information. Thanks to that, I've updated
Epiphany "Data Sheet". . If you feel smth
is wrong with what I changed, feel free to modify (it's wiki based)

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Hello Alina,

Thanks for your interest.

Some suggestions to complete your info:

On 12/5/06, Alina Barbuceanu <alina iterating com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm involved with a new site (called ITerating)- a wiki guide for all
> software (open source and commercial) and I'm working at "Website &
> Communication Applications" class. I added phpBB in the wiki guide but
> this is all I added so far:
> Description:Epiphany is the web browser for the GNOME desktop. Its
> is to be simple and easy to use. Epiphany ties together many GNOME
> components in order to let you focus on the Web content, instead of
> browser application. As part of the GNOME project, Epiphany is Free
> Software.
> Home page link:
> Belongs to Classes: Web browsers
> Vendor or Foundation: (one possible value) GNOME Foundation
> Project Administrator or Product Manager:
Christian Persch <chpe gnome org>

> Contributors:
You mean people who contribute in general or financial contributions,

> User Groups:
> Tags (keywords):
web, usability, simplicity, extensions

> Licenses: GNU General Public License (Free GPL compatible)
> Price:
> Provided by owner as:
(as) is?
> Operating Systems:
Linux, *BSD
> Packaged In:
Distros you mean? Every distro with GNOME has Epiphany packaged.
> Programming Languages:
C, Python (extensions), C++
> Programming Interfaces (API):
> Graphical Interfaces (GUI):
> Available languages:
As many as GNOME has.
> Patches:
You mean URL?
> This is all I added so far (still many gaps). Any suggestions anyone?
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