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On Thu, 2005-09-08 at 21:57 +0200, Kristoffer Lundén wrote:
> This evening I've tried to compile a small list of possible use cases,
> and I've collected them in a table. Not sure if the list allows
> attachments or if that is appropriate, so I'm gonna provide links
> instead. If list wants attachments also, I can just do another
> mailing.
> XHTML version, exported from OO.o2:
> Original file, if anyone wants to make edits, that's fine:

Cool! Thank you for this. I'll give my objections to the (few) use cases
I don't like the solutions to:

- "User setting 'assume http for invalid protocols'": I don't know how
often people will type in the *wrong* protocol (as opposed to *no*
protocol); but if they *did*, we can assume they *didn't* mean http,
because you don't need to type "http" to get http. This seems like a
setting which ought not to exist.
- "Well-formed but invalid WWW URL with valid protocol.": If the user
typed a protocol he didn't want to use Google.
- "Anything starting with a word, a space and then anything": I think
this belongs in an extension. Even if we were to implement this, I'd
rather type "gg address bar searches" than "google groups address bar
searches" (and notice, the latter wouldn't actually *work*, even though
that's my bookmark name).
- "If word matches keyword, go to matching bookmark.": Very often, a
keyword will match multiple bookmarks (or topics).
- I don't like that "search on non-resolving url" setting, but in the
interest of convenience over privacy, maybe we should turn it *on* by

Don't get me wrong, though: this looks like a fantastic starting point
for a better address bar implementation.

Adam Hooper <adamh densi com>

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