Re: Address bar searches (was: epiphany-list gnome org)

On 9/5/05, Adam Hooper <adamh densi com> wrote:

> What about ""? Or "gnome.ort"? I have personally typed both
> several times. The best behavior in such a case is to present the user
> with an error page and leave focus in the address bar, *not* to start a
> Google search which will mangle my written-but-incorrect entry into the
> search bar. (In other words, if I typed something incorrect, I want to
> correct it: I do *not* want my browser to rewrite what I wrote -- for
> example, putting an ""; in front -- before I get
> a chance to fix it.)
> I'm not presenting any new suggestions here; I'm just offering an
> extremely common use case which nobody has taken into account yet in
> this thread.

I can see the logic in what you are saying.  Perhaps it would make the
most sense to throw everything with one word that contains a period to
the error page -- gnome.ort and would get that -- but
anything with a space or without a period that doesn't match a smart
bookmark could go to a web search instead.  It sounds complicated, but
it's really not.  Anything that looks like an URL would be loaded as
an URL; everything else is either a smart bookmark or web search.

Does this satsify your use case while still retaining Epiphany's quick
and easy search method?

-Ryan Thiessen-

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