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Peter Harvey wrote:
| I briefly looked into making an extension before. I would like to write
| it as an extension, but there are some problems.
| First, to do it, you'd need to allow an extension to operate as a
| bookmark-menu-generator. While this should be easy I heard rumours about
| a move to a Gnome-wide bookmarks system before. I was worried that the
| code to allow extensions to the bookmark system would be scrapped later
| in a Gnome-wide bookmark system over-haul.

Peter, I took a peek at your patch and suddenly some big radical idea
hit me which I must share with the list -- before I realize it's
completely stupid.

Why not make Epiphany do even less, and provide a set of 'Core extensions'?

For now, my idea would simply involve removing bookmarks/history code
from Epiphany proper, then putting it into an extension. This would
involve the 'Bookmarks' menu, parts of the 'Go' menu, the location bar
and a few toolbar buttons[1]. If we just made an 'extensions'
subdirectory inside Epiphany CVS, we could move over this code
relatively painlessly.

The default Epiphany would be compiled along with this extension, and it
would get loaded by default. However, the user could disable the
extension if desired[2].

The advantage? Well, for one thing it'd be possible to build Peter's
hierarchical bookmarks system as an extension. Right now it's a fairly
small patch, but I imagine it'll get bigger and more featureful over
time, and it might divert considerably code-wise. For another, a Galeon
bookmarks system could be built and we might get more converts. We could
also try a Storage-based bookmarks/history system.

A second candidate for a 'core extension' would be the popup-blocker
one. At the very least, this concept would save us the trouble of
merging it back into Epiphany proper (if we decide it should be a part
of Epiphany proper).

To do this change we'd probably need to make the planned extensions
manager GUI a part of Epiphany proper.

So, what do people think?

[1] Yes yes, I know extensions don't support toolbar buttons yet! I'll
work on it! (Any help would be greatly appreciated....)
[2] In the yet-to-be-coded Extension Manager GUI

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Adam Hooper
adamh densi com
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