Re: [Epiphany] epiphany toolbar/bookmarks

I've used epiphany for some weeks now, and understand what some are 
complaining about.  My impression is that people are finding the 
bookmark model *different*, which isn't to say that it is worse (or 
bad).  My experience is that it has been workable, though I'm not sure 
yet if it is better or worse than the standard approach put forth by 
netscape several years ag, which mozilla and galeon both seem to follow 
for the most part.  Maybe people are missing the bookmarks menu (on the 
main menu bar), as they've used it since the dawn of browsing?

Don't get me wrong, epiphany is quite nice (good job!).  It is small and 
effective, which is really important for normal users. Maybe adding back 
the bookmarks menu (as in mozilla) would be helpful?  On reason for this 
is that a lot of users have formed their mental model around the classic 
IE and Netscape bookmark menus, despite how bad of an interface approach 
it may be.  Or maybe given time, people can get used to the new approach?



>gnomedesktop has lots of vague complaints about the epiphany bookmark
>system, though I can't make much sense of it and I'm not sure whether it's
>just the same kid posting repeatedly. And I've also heard some vague
>criticism of the bookmarks or toolbars from more reliable sources.

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