[Epiphany] Re: ui improvement requests

Reinout van Schouwen writes: 

> On Thu, 22 May 2003, David Adam Bordoley wrote: 
>> Well users are clumsy so we should forgive them and not randomly popup
>> windows on them because they happen to click the middle mouse button. I've
> Remember that more often than not, the X selection won't contain a valid
> URL so no real harm is done. If this happens; the choice is to ignore it
> or to show an informational window about the invalid URL (I'd prefer the
> former, less intrusive).

Which kind of makes me think that scrolling is a much more commonly used 
feature than pasting urls (95% vs. 0.01%). 

>> always hated that in mozilla, and I'm really happy that we've turned that
>> off by default.
> Hmm, I'm not so sure about that, but I might be biased because I use
> middle click all the time. 
>> 95% of the web using public expects middle clicking to autoscroll (IE
>> users), so i'm fairly certain that autoscroll is a much saner default, in
> I'd have to disagree with that argument. Not because we're aiming to build
> the best browser for /all/ users instead of just switching IE users, but
> because lots of computer-illiterate people never use anything but the left
> mouse button.

I agree but alot of people (just from viewing what i consider to be normal 
windows users) do use the scroll wheel to scroll. Maintaining a physical 
connection between the mouse wheel button and scrolling is a good idea imo. 

>> addition to be consistent with using the mouse wheel to scroll. Another big
>> usability plus with autoscroll as the default is that two button mouse users
>> (yes some people stillonly have two buttons) can get all the advantages of
>> middle mouse scrolling that all of us 3 button mouse users already have.
> You may have a point there, but is autoscroll really such a big usability
> advantage? (I understand that it's easier to follow with the eyes, but
> really don't know how much of a difference that makes for the average
> user) 
> regards, 

It definately comes in handy when reading large html documents on the web 
for instance the HIG. 


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