[Epiphany] Re: ui improvement requests

Osma Ahvenlampi writes: 

> On Thu, 2003-05-22 at 09:26, David Adam Bordoley wrote:
>> Well users are clumsy so we should forgive them and not randomly popup 
>> windows on them because they happen to click the middle mouse button. I've 
> I've never seen a randomly popped up window from middle mouse button
> click. I don't know what you're talking about. Netscape and Mozilla have
> loaded pasted url in the already existing window. 
>> 95% of the web using public expects middle clicking to autoscroll (IE 
>> users), so i'm fairly certain that autoscroll is a much saner default, in 
> 95% of the public doesn't expect anything, because they haven't used any
> browser long enough to expect anything. You know that. 95% of IE users
> is not the correct target userbase. 
>> addition to be consistent with using the mouse wheel to scroll. Another big 
> I really don't see how click equals scroll or why it would be
> consistent..

because its sane most times when i'm using the scroll wheel its to *gasp* 
scroll, the autoscroll is inline with the physical use of the scroll button, 
it scrolls. 

>> usability plus with autoscroll as the default is that two button mouse users 
>> (yes some people stillonly have two buttons) can get all the advantages of 
>> middle mouse scrolling that all of us 3 button mouse users already have. 
> And this I don't understand at all. How does putting any functionality
> in middle mouse button suddenly enable that functionality for two button
> mouse users? You don't seriously expect anyone to accept the argument
> that clicking both buttons simultaneously is USABLE? People have trouble
> understanding how to press shift/ctrl and a letter key simultaneously,
> let alone clicking two mouse buttons at the same time. 

because scrolling is a pain with two button mice, it forces these users to 
click on the scrollbar troughs to scroll, which are fairly small targets and 
hard to hit. Yes forcing users to click two mouse buttons at one to activate 
isn't perfect, but it sure is better than loading random stuff. 

I reiterate this middle click load url, is used by a substantial minority of 
the web browsing public, middle click autoscroll is used a substantial 
majority. That majority is the target audience of epiphany. WE should do by 
default what is good for them. 


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