Re: [Epiphany] Re: ui improvement requests

> > usability plus with autoscroll as the default is that two button mouse users 
> > (yes some people stillonly have two buttons) can get all the advantages of 
> > middle mouse scrolling that all of us 3 button mouse users already have. 
> And this I don't understand at all. How does putting any functionality
> in middle mouse button suddenly enable that functionality for two button
> mouse users? You don't seriously expect anyone to accept the argument
> that clicking both buttons simultaneously is USABLE? People have trouble
> understanding how to press shift/ctrl and a letter key simultaneously,
> let alone clicking two mouse buttons at the same time.

I'll just mention that I'm not a great fan of the autoscrolling
functionality too. I feel it hard to use .... esp because scrolling
doesnt follow hand movement.

/me try to stay out of the middle click paste discussion ;)


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