Re: [Epiphany] Re: ui improvement requests

> 4) Unrelated to your previous comments but something that has come up now 
> that I've been using epiphany for a few days:  When opening a new tab or 
> window, the address of the newly opened tab should be displayed.  Right now 
> when I start epiphany, my home page is loaded but the address bar is not 
> filled in with the address of my home page.  This is also true when I do 
> ctrl-t to get a new tab and I have tabs set up to display the previous page 
> in the new tab.  Also, if someone has selected that option, then the new tab 
> should have the history of the tab it was copied from.  I think this was in 
> an old version of galeon.

I think there should still be a way to type an url directly, without having
to delete/select the location text. Guess that's what you have to do most often ?
If we select the url, someone will complain because we break x selection, so 
I dunno :/


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