Re: [Epiphany] Re: ui improvement requests

On Thu, 2003-05-22 at 03:58, David Adam Bordoley wrote:
> writes: 
> > Is it too late, or impossible, to have middle click on the page just open a new
> > tab with the selected URL?  Then all this business about selecting or not
> > selecting becomes moot. 
> Theres a secret pref for that in gconf. That is a horrible default though as 
> users (including me) always end up accidentally middle clicking while 
> scrolling. (which is also why autoscroll is actually a good default here). 

AAGH! That's horrible. I just complained about the lack of
middle-click-open-url functionality (which, I remind you again, has been
a feature of Unix/X11 browsers since the beginning of time), and now I
find it's a disabled-by-default hidden feature implemented wrong. 

There should be no new tab. It should be on by default. And no, I simply
can not believe that someone would CLICK the scroll wheel when they
meant to roll it. Geez, what's wrong with your mouse? Someone take a
hammer to it in the past?

Osma Ahvenlampi <>

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