Re: [Epiphany] Cache preferences

ons 2003-05-21 klockan 13.29 skrev D. D. Brierton:
> > I like the idea in general. Phoenix allow both resetting everything and
> > resetting parts in the same place, not sure if that's overkill.
> I wouldn't want my cookies cleared along with the cache. I bookmark many
> sites that give listings information (cinema, theatre, etc.), personal
> banking etc, all of which remember bits of personal info via cookies.
> Now I may want to clear the cache, if for some reason I think that I'm
> not getting the most up-to-date information, or if the site has been
> redesigned and the site isn't working correctly because of some cached
> stylesheets or javascript files. Clearing the cache is very useful in
> those cases, but I would feel pretty annoyed if I then discovered that
> Epiphany had deleted all my cookies as well.

In those cases, wouldn't overriding the cached results by for example
pressing Shift+Reload be sufficient?
I'm not convinced that a general "clear all cache" mechanism is needed
in the interface, since this can be done on such a case by case basis


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