RE: [Epiphany] bookmark system

>I feel exactly the same like this person about bookmarks (see attached
>forward). Note that I'm an 'advanced' user. Newbies used to IE /
>Netscape's favourites will also be scared about it.
>I like to keep things in order and Galeon's bookmark management is
>great. When I don't feel like going in the menu for Bookmarks -> News ->
>OSNews I just type 'osn' in the address bar, press down and enter. So
>galeon has both rapid access and order.

You are exagerating the difference between the two bookmarks system. We
certainly improve searchability of bookmarks but we dont break the "old
way" of organizing bookmarks.
The only real difference is the ability to have hierarchies of folders,
that's lost but I think it's a worth price to have a way more easier to
use two pane bookmarks view.
Typing text in the location bar is just convenience and a way to access
pages without typing urls (along with search functionalities).

The main way to access bookmarks is supposed to be the bookmarks window
for a few reason:
- It's easier to navigate a two panes view than submenus
- You can have search functionalities in the same context
- You can organize your bookmarks in the same context, without the mess
of context menus over menus
- It's similar to a file manager, except that it's metadata based instead
of folder based.

Now, if you feel faster to use submenus to access your bookmarks (I dont
think this is even true for anyone, personally I feel it slower and harder),
you can just View->Bookmarks Bar. There you can drag also bookmarks topics,
like News.
But this is just another convenience feature.


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