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I feel exactly the same like this person about bookmarks (see attached
forward). Note that I'm an 'advanced' user. Newbies used to IE /
Netscape's favourites will also be scared about it.

I like to keep things in order and Galeon's bookmark management is
great. When I don't feel like going in the menu for Bookmarks -> News ->
OSNews I just type 'osn' in the address bar, press down and enter. So
galeon has both rapid access and order.

Marius Andreiana
SoluĊ£ii informatice bazate pe Linux / Linux-based IT solutions

I wanted to try out Mozilla 1.4 beta, and when I saw that Rawhide had
packages I downloaded them, and as a (known) consequence had to
uninstall Galeon. Seeing that Rawhide also had Epiphany, I installed
that and gave it a whirl.

As a web developer, I use Mozilla when I'm working because the DOM
Inspector and the Venkman debugger are invaluable. But when I'm just
browsing I used to use Galeon because it was so speedy. Well, Epiphany
feels even speedier, and I like it's no options minimal configuration
style - very GNOME 2, although I appreciate that many dislike that
trend. That's the good bit.

What I can't get used to is Epiphany's new fangled bookmarking system.
There is no bookmarks menu, instead you type the first few letters of a
bookmark title into the location bar and a drop-down gives you a choice
of possible completions. There is no user-defined bookmark hierarchy
that I can determine. If you are the kind of person who is hopelessly
disorganised, who keeps all of your emails in your inbox, all of your
files in the same directory, and all of your bookmarks in the top-level
bookmark menu this is probably a God-send. However, if you are like me,
and had a very carefully organised system of bookmarks, in a very
hierarchical system of sub-folders, then Epiphany is a complete
nightmare. I can't find any of my bookmarks anymore! I don't remember
their name, so I don't know what letters to start typing - I just
remember what category and sub-category I filed them under. I had so
many bookmarks, that I would often forget that I had bookmarked
something, and would enjoy browsing through my own bookmarks menu,
discovering things that I had totally forgotten about! No more in
Epiphany. This is like a file manager that chooses to ignore your own
system of folders and sub-folders, but instead displays every file as if
it was in your home directory! Users? Pah! What do they know about
filing - I'll just ignore whatever they've done and organise everything
how I see fit!

I have to say that I can see no advantage to this new bookmark system
whatsoever. Until Epiphany changes this I'll be using Mozilla as my
browser and praying that Red Hat bring back Galeon!

Best, Darren

D. D. Brierton            darren@dzr-web.com          www.dzr-web.com
       Trying is the first step towards failure (Homer Simpson)

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