RE: [Epiphany] bookmark system

I read the the whole thread on the shrike list and there are a few things
I'd like to clarify:

- We are very open to problems reports, suggestions ... I'm personally proud
of the progresses we have been making but that doesnt mean I think it's
- We did not try to hack a not traditional bookmarks system just for the
joy to do it. We believe, and we are not alone, that the traditional way
of organizing them is just not working for normal people. So it's worth
to break the old convention to try to reach better results.
- While our system is quite innovative, the differences from tradition can
be reduced to:

1 It's not possible to organize bookmarks in a multiple level hierarchy
(like not News->Gnome-> but only News->
2 The main way to access bookmarks is the bookmark dialog, not the bookmarks
menu. Submenus are phisically hard to navigate, cannot provide search functionalities
and cannot integrate editing features (I dont like the separation of editing/viewing,
manipulating the view directly is more usable ihmo).
Bookmarks toolbar can provide fast access to categories like News. There
is also a traditional bookmark menu on it, to keep "compatibility" with
traditional systems.
3 You can associate bookmarks with multiple topics. (for example

- Please make sure to try at least 0.6 but better 0.7 before sending me
flames ;) Remove the bookmarks.xml file, so that some defaults will be created.
Without default topics, the system doesnt make sense.
- Bookmarks are not put in a flat list. You can associate them to topics
and navigate by topic in the bookmarks dialog.
- The location entry autocompletion is just a convenience feature, not the
main way to access bookmarks
- Considering the problems an innovative bookmarks system was likely to
raise, I managed to keep the bookmarks code generic enough to be able, for
example, to add a traditional Bookmarks menu very easily.
- Last, designing something different for an important feature like bookmarks
is difficult and we are not professional ui designers. The risk is to not
reach good results enough for the change to be worth.
But I dont think we are totally on crack. Our bookmarks system came to be
very similar to the Apple Safari bookmarks system, which try to solve the
same problems. (I started to work on it before Safari was made public, so
I didnt just copy it ;)

That's it. If you have more questions, I'll be happy to reply to them.


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